Karin plays the flute, alto flute, piccolo and bass flute, as well as shakuhachi and Carnatic Flute.

She took her Masters degree at the Royal Music Conservatory in Gent, where she specialised in contemporary flute solo and chamber music repertoire. Karin did her Post-graduate studies at the Orpheus Institute in Gent with a topic on (new) extensions in contemporary music for flute. She has about 20 years of experience in teaching, currently teaching music pedagogics for Winds at the School of Arts in Gent. She is flute tutor in Leeds at the LCoM.

Karin is a performer constantly looking for new experiments for flute, often resulting in great collaborations with many well known composers, one of the most memorable is a ten year long collaboration with Karlheinz Stockhausen.

Flutist and member of the artistic board in the HERMESensemble (B) and founder of The Stockhausen-Trio, formed at the Stockhausen Courses (Kürten) in 1999, together with Michele Marelli on clarinet and Marc Maes on synthesizer. Karin has been awarded with many interpretation prizes during the Stockhausen Courses in Kürten (G). in 2013 she won first prize together with Senne La Mela and Peter Merckx for the performance of SCHÖNHEIT (6th Hour of KLANG) for flute, trumpet and bass clarinet.

One of Karin’s prime objectives as a performer and teacher in new music is her extensive work with young people, teaching them the techniques and skills to interpret new music styles with confidence. To this end, she regularly gives masterclasses/workshops and lecture-recitals.

Latest projects

  • 4 commissions for Bass Flute by Yan Maresz, Marco Molteni, Wim Henderickx, Paul Goodey, all premiered and recorded during 2013-2014.

Some music (theatre) productions Karin played

  • In Vitro: "De Zandman", Theater am Stollwerk - Köln
  • Musikfabrik: Festival d’Automne Paris: “Michaels Reise um die Erde" - K.Stockhausen
  • Wim Henderickx: “Medea" with Theater Transparant and Veenfabriek
  • Hanne Deneire: “Kleefkruid" and “Katsu"
  • Bo Spaenc: “Stanley" with Peter De Graef
  • Birmingham Opera Company: Worldpremiere of “Mittwoch aus LICHT" - Stockhausen
  • Paul Goodey: “Hohler Fels" - Bass flute concerto with RNCM Wind Orchestra and Mark Heron

Latest Recordings

  • DVD-box “Pour vos beaux yeux", compositions on experimental short movies. 2009
  • CD “Disappearing in Light" (Harmonia Mundi) by Wim Henderickx. 2011
  • DVD “MITTWOCH aus LICHT" for the Birmingham Opera Company. 2012
  • CD with Hermes Ensemble featuring music by Wim Henderickx. 2013
  • “Belgique Martyre" by Hanne Deneire, DVD for the Flemish Film Archive - Hermesensemble. 2014

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